Monday, October 15, 2007

free ebook 1:the affiliate masters course

Ken Envoys "Affiliate Masters Course" is a "FREE" introduction to internet affiliate marketing.
The course is designed help business owners make money by promoting affiliate products online. I've even heard it referred to as the best information on "succeeding" as an online affiliate marketer.
The "Affiliate Masters Course" was my introduction to affiliate marketing. It properly set the groundwork I needed for success in affiliate marketing.
I caution you -- if you're thinking of grabbing a bunch of affiliate marketing products and placing them on a website, get out now, because you won't be successful. If you want to learn it right, The Affiliate Master Course will teach you and there's no charge for this great information.
Why an affiliate marketing course?
Because there are affiliate merchants and products that you can't profit from no matter what you do. There are merchants that won't pay. There are products that don't sell well and -- if you don't pre-sell, you don't sell period.
This course focuses 100% on helping YOU, the affiliate, succeed. It leads you, step by step, day by day, through a flawless process. One of Ken's best marketing tips is to over-deliver and he certainly practices what he preaches with the Affiliate Masters Course.
You'll learn to:
• Develop a Site Concept
• Brainstorm hundreds of profitable related keywords.
• Build a profitable themed site.
• Generate motivated, targeted traffic that is compelled to click on your recommendations.
Format: Downloadable Ebook
Pages: 207
Cost: Free

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